Other Fashion Materials

We must also highlight other materials, such as cement, which will be very present in soils. Also, as the months pass, both marble and metals (copper, brass, bronze, steel …) will gain prominence.

Colors and patterns

As for colors, we do not find significant news. Thus, gray will be one of the leading protagonists in both furniture and other types of surfaces. Of course, neutral tones such as white, black and beige will also triumph. Also, we must highlight green, one of the trend colors of the year. Of course, during the next season will predominate the darker greens.

Other colors that will have prominence during the autumn-winter 2017-2018 will be orange and pink quartz, one of the colors of the year 2016, which continues to give war. Regarding prints, geometric and ethnic will take all the prominence. On the other hand, you should know that velvet will be the star fabric of the season. In fact, we will see it both in upholstery and in cushions and bedding.

Taste for luxury

During the next season will also recover the taste for luxury, that is, for the beautiful and quality finishes. Of course, these are mixed with furniture and accessories made with old techniques such as, for example, hand-blown glass or wood treated with handmade waxes.

Do not forget the plants

That the summer is over does not mean you have to remember the plants. In fact, if you want to have a house in style, indoor plants cannot be missing in any corner of your home. In fact, any natural element that you enter in your home will be welcome: trunks, dried leaves, fruits…