Autumn-Winter Decoration Trends 2017-2018

Unfortunately for all of us who love summer, the warmest season of the year is about to end. Of course, with the start of the new class, new challenges and illusions arrive. For example, the time has come to prepare our home for the fall-winter season 2017-2018.

If you are also looking forward to changing the decoration of your home for the next season, it is best that you do not miss anything that comes next, as we are going to talk about the decorative trends that will succeed in the coming months. Do you want to join us?


How could it be otherwise, let’s start talking about the decorative techniques that will be in fashion during the autumn-winter 2017-2018? Of course, the Nordic will continue to predominate, although we should not leave aside other types of decoration, such as ethnicity. Moreover, one of the trends of the moment is to combine both styles (find out more about this trend in our article ” Keys of the noretnic style.”

We also have to talk about the rustic style, which will continue to triumph over the next few months. In this sense, it is essential to bear in mind that the rustic decoration is ideal for this time of year since it conveys a lot of warmth. Also, the vintage style will remain in force next season.


Regarding materials, wood will remain the main protagonist in both floors and furniture. Special mention deserves natural forests with marked and cracked veins. On the other hand, you should know that, although they continue to take light woods, especially those with a grayish touch, the dark ones are gaining popularity.